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Meet Our Clinicians

ARA Health Specialists’ team of physicians is made up of board-certified specialists who work collaboratively within the practice, as well as with referring physicians and partner hospitals throughout Western North Carolina.

Our radiologists are experts in reading detailed images of the human body to diagnose disease and dysfunction in bones and soft tissue, like muscles and internal organs. Our vascular surgeons perform life-saving surgery on veins and arteries by removing deadly blockages, repairing weakened blood vessels and improving blood circulation. While others still are neurointerventional radiologists, specially trained radiologists who perform delicate procedures on the brain and central nervous system.

What these physicians have in common is a passion for using state-of-the-art imaging to diagnose and treat a wide range of illnesses, conditions and disorders – from cancer and strokes to spinal fractures, aneurysms and varicose veins. It’s why ARA Health Specialists is the region’s preeminent multi-specialty physician practice.

New Clinicians

Trevor Downing, MD

Ron Eby, NP

Jocelyn Medina, MD

Daniel Murph, MD

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