Dr. Brown had an outstanding bedside manner, was thorough and spoke with easy to understand medical terms and explanations. It was a very pleasant meeting and I feel well informed. Dr. Brown is a great credit to your organization. I will definitely see him again should my vein condition deteriorate in the future. I was impressed!!

Dr. Dan Brown is my favorite doctor that I see. He is excellent in every way.

I would like to thank Dr. Toby Cole for his excellent care. He made me feel safe. He was very personable, caring, and explained things very well. This was the second time he performed a liver biopsy for me. I would also like to thank the Techs. They were all fantastic. The whole department was run with great efficiency. I would highly recommend Mission Hospital for imaging services.

The visit to Carolina Vascular was awesome!!!! Everyone was very helpful!!!! Thank you.

Impressed with several areas: the staff before, during and after the visit. Specifically, I’d like to mention Melody Fish, Patient Navigator. I arrived an hour early and they immediately got me back. Dr. Short did a great job explaining, he was very professional, and I was impressed that he immediately called my internist to confer regarding my injuries. Overall, very satisfied and would definitely recommend.

My first visit to Dr. Short, he showed he was very much concerned about an infection I had which he wanted cleared up before he performed the procedure. He was extremely clear about that and I certainly appreciate his concern and honesty. He didn’t just jump in and do this just to do a surgery.  I really appreciate his honesty and his speaking up, letting me know just what we needed to do. That was great!

I have been around for 67 years, have seen a lot, and I felt that Dr. Henretta did everything perfectly. He and his staff kept me completely informed on my medical condition (AAA repair), explained to me and my wife what needed to be done, and most important to me, and gave me complete confidence in his ability to perform this surgery. I am so glad he performed the repair.

Dr. Kirby was very informative and listened to my concerns. He answered all of my questions with information that was easy to understand. This visit put me in a much better place as far as my stress level. Thank him for me. Also his staff are outstanding.

Dr. Andy Brown gave me a correct diagnosis that I have had misdiagnosed my entire life. Knowing about my medical condition and then having answers that explained my entire medical history. It was the first time a physician listened to me and understood and believed what I was saying. He has changed my life by making me aware of the disease that I have that is not well known in the medical community.

Professional care, very friendly and up front. Dr. Conklin is the greatest! Like a friend you’ve had all your life. Can’t say enough about him. I had a great experience with his care and on-going follow ups. He is very kind and easy to talk to. I have all the confidence in the world in him.

Dr. Field took time to answer all my questions and the ultra sound tech did also.

Dr. Goldstein was great. He was very thorough in his discussion regarding my health issues. He performed my tests and then to be able to have him go over the results were great. He answered my questions as well as my husband’s. I had a much better feeling after the visit.

My surgeon, Dr. Douglas, was outstanding. I would recommend him to anyone who needs vascular surgery. He is professional and “top-notch” in every way.

Dr. Williamson is a genuine and caring doctor. I felt like he really was concerned about my condition. I trusted him.

I mentioned having very mild sporadic chest pain the previous few days. The doctor insisted that I go to the emergency room to be evaluated. I disagreed with him that this could be heart related, but his insistence saved my life.  I was not having a heart attack, but had 4 arteries that were dangerously clogged and could have resulted in a very bad outcome if the problem had not been detected. The day I saw the doctor I was admitted to the hospital and had quadruple bypass surgery 4 days after my admission. I was a typical woman that thought this very mild pain was not heart related, but it was. My mother had a heart attack at 45 and died at 47 from congestive heart failure. My younger brother had a heart attack 5 years ago. The doctor’s insistence that I go to the emergency room most likely saved me from having a heart attack. I called his office later and left a message for him thanking him for saving my life. I am truly grateful for his wisdom.