About ARA
Health Specialists

ARA Health Specialists are Western North Carolina’s preeminent multi-specialty practice. We are board-certified physicians with subspecialty training in Diagnostic Imaging, Neurointerventional, Interventional, and Vascular Surgery. We are committed to providing our patients and referring physicians with the highest level of service and care, while using the most advanced imaging, minimally invasive interventional, and surgical technologies and techniques. We are also advanced practitioners, patient navigators and schedulers, quality and safety experts, technologists and administrators, who care about you and your family.

We have been providing services to the 18 counties of Western North Carolina and adjacent regions since 1944 and today, we are regional and national leaders in Advanced Diagnostic Imaging, Neurointervention, Peripheral Intervention, and Vascular Surgery.

We are also community leaders, serving in leadership positions on hospital service lines, hospital administration/medical staff, credentials and quality and safety committees. We are actively involved in clinical research and the creation of multidisciplinary clinical care pathways. With the evolving complexities of large medical systems, our goal of helping patients live longer and better has led us to be leaders in helping patients navigate and coordinate their multidisciplinary care and follow up.

We are dedicated to one thing: helping people live better and longer.

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Our Purpose

To help people reach their highest attainable quality of life

Our Mission

We help people live better lives through imaging, intervention, and surgery. We deliver value in healthcare through innovation, specialization, collaboration, and coordination.


We believe better outcomes can be delivered by clinicians with intensive training and expertise within the various imaging and surgical specialties.


We believe effective delivery of high-quality care is dependent upon our relationships with referring clinicians and health systems.


We believe care for our patients goes beyond diagnosis, intervention and surgery. Our team of highly skilled professionals ensure timely and personalized care.


We believe innovation offers opportunities for improving lives. Through research and education, we create value through new technologies, procedures and processes.

Our Values

Be Compassionate

We treat our patients, families, and colleagues with dignity, respect and empathy.

Be Trusted

We are honest, ethical and genuine professionals deserving of your trust.

Be Dedicated

We are committed to the quality, excellence, and timeliness required to improve lives.

Be Innovative

We combine creativity and emerging technologies with talented individuals to improve lives.